Creating competitive tension in the marketplace enables us to work on your behalf to improve the terms and conditions initially on offer for the premises that have been short listed – including your current premises. Control and release of information becomes even more critical at this point – something we have seen make and break deals. We strategize with you to maintain our position of strength in the negotiations and use time, where possible, as a powerful ally.

 Securing the right outcome in this phase typically involves us completing:

 ·         Review of initial Proposals to Lease  and Renew – highlighting concerns and negotiable terms

·         Quantitative and qualitative modelling – NPV financial modelling of options and comparison of key attributes and criteria

·         Arranging technical due diligence of Building Services as required

·         Progress negotiations to get the best possible terms for final selection stage

·         Make recommendations – we can provide our opinion or leave it to you

·         Establish preferred option(s)

·         Identify back up option(s)

·         Refine Proposals to reach Heads of Agreement stage

·         Finalise  Heads of Agreement and secure premises

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