Upon reaching a Heads of Agreement that is satisfactory to you we will continue to provide whatever assistance we can to facilitate a smooth transition to the lease documentation stage and finalisation. We have come to learn that the Lease execution process needs to be managed well – otherwise time and money is wasted.

Similarly, there are a number of necessary tasks to complete that run parallel with the legal review and we can pass on our knowledge in this area. This final phase generally includes us providing the following:

·         Arranging for marked up draft lease documents to be sent to your solicitor

·         Providing background and context to your solicitor if needed

·         Facilitating the formal lease negotiation process as required

·         Ensuring execution of the final documents and related requirements is completed in a timely, cost effective and beneficial manner

·         Provide advice on consultants and service providers as needed

·         Develop an Exit Strategy (if necessary) for your existing premises – taking into account any Make Good requirement and Asset Disposal need.

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