1.Why do I need Tenant Representation?

For the same reason you would not have one lawyer representing both parties in a legal matter. When so much is at stake financially and legally, you shouldn’t have one advisor representing both parties.

2.Why should I use Tenancy Solutions Australia?

Tenancy Solutions Australia only represents tenants. Unlike most other real estate companies, we are not landlord focused, nor do we own or manage property. Consequently, your business goals are all that matter to us.

3.What would be the key benefits to my organisation by using Tenancy Solutions Australia?

Most importantly you’ll get a property solution that’s right for your business. We manage the process from start to finish and ensure confidently and commercial sensitivity is protected. This enables our clients to focus on what they do best…their core day to day business.

4.How does Tenancy Solutions Australia differ from other real estate firms?

A typical real estate firm devotes only a small amount of their business focus to tenant advisory. By focusing solely on tenant representation we avoid the potential conflict of interest that arises when agents represent both landlords and tenants.

5.We don’t want to move and intend to renew our lease. Why would we need Tenancy Solutions Australia’s help?

The key to a successful renewal negotiation is creating competition between your current landlord and other landlords in the area, while maintaining a controlled and organised process.

6.How much time do I need?

Market conditions, the size and complexity of the transaction, and expiry or option notice dates can determine when to begin the process of evaluating your office lease. Time should be your ally, not your enemy!

7.How do I get started?

The best way to get started is to arrange a brief meeting with one of our team that will allow us to fully understand your requirements and start the process. Having Tenancy Solutions Australia as your partner will save you time and money and significantly alleviate the legwork and stress associated with business accommodation leasing.


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