Having gained an intimate knowledge of your business and agreed the strategy, we now move to the second phase which begins with the release of the brief to the market at the same time we make initial contact with your current Landlord. With regards the release of the brief, we do not flood every agent at each agency with the brief – rather we have developed a knowledge base of the right agent within each firm whom we approach – depending on the scope and scale of the requirement. The major agencies tend to have hierarchical levels within their organisational structure and ensuring we make our request to the right person has historically proved critical to the success of the project.

This phase will see the following tasks completed by us:

·        Release of the brief to targeted agents

       Meet with your current Landlord and outline the process you are undertaking

·         Identify terms and conditions in your current Lease that should be sought to be improved

·         Review of our database of identified “off market” options

·         Contact people within our industry network to unearth further hidden gems

·         Benchmarking recent deals – building knowledge of key terms and specific needs

·         Collate and evaluate agents submissions of available  premises

·         Follow up and seek clarification with agents where needed

·         Preliminary review of submissions with you and provide initial recommendations for inspections

·         Arrange  tenancy inspections – potentially 3 to 4 occasions – each time refining the brief and closing in on the objectives

·         Receive your feedback and complete the detailed analysis

·         Establish a short list of properties that meet your  criteria and call for competitive  Lease Proposals

·         Continue to liaise with your Landlord and keep them informed of progress

Our knowledge of virtually every building and owner in the target area provides us with hard evidence of why some options should be avoided and where value and opportunity lie. We use this knowledge to your benefit by avoiding wasting your time and making sure the involvement of senior personnel from your organisation is maximised.

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